Is my age an inconvenience?

You would like me to be invisible but I’m not you would like me to be quiet and go away to somewhere where you don’t have to be until I die

You find me inconvenient

When I say something you only half listen with an expression of patience for nothing I have to say can be of value to you or else you show exaggerated care because in your mind I am incapable of even the simplest task

You think my brain has oozed out through my wrinkles or I never had one you think because I can no longer wear high-heeled shoes I was never a woman you think I spent my eighty years in some limbo which did not involve passion longing betrayal grief joy embarrassment laughter mockery tears love hate spite fear rage

You have convinced yourself that I was dull and of no interest and that now I will be contented with next to nothing after all I will have nothing soon enough

And you imagine that I care what you think

author unknown

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