Turkey Shooting: Catherine Bury ‘Killed by Gardener’ in Dalyan Holiday Resort – IBTimes UK

Turkey Shooting: Catherine Bury ‘Killed by Gardener’ in Dalyan Holiday Resort – IBTimes UK.

Now all the ignorant, racist bigots will come out of the woodwork. Read the comments in The Huffington Post…atrocious! So many uneducated imbeciles  you can just predict the reactions!!

Woman Shot Dead For Shoplifting At Walmart

The Right to bear arms…yeh!! US shoot first ask questions later!!

via Woman Shot Dead For Shoplifting At Walmart.

Muslim-Jewish marriages herald a brave new world

Muslim-Jewish marriages herald a brave new world | Jonathan Romain | guardian.co.uk

�Something surprising is beginning to emerge in marriage patterns between members of different religions in Britain. In the past, “marrying out” was seen either as a religious sin, partnering up with an unbeliever, or as a social crime, betraying the faith group identity

But in today’s much more tolerant, pluralist society, mixed-faith marriage has become commonplace. People who mix together at work, socialise together afterwards. They concentrate on what they have in common – be it music, sport or crosswords – not the theologies that divide them.

In the past century in Britain, intermarriage tend to mean Jews (the main minority faith group) marrying Christians. However, in recent years a new trend has arisen: Muslims intermarrying. It reflects the fact that not only is there now a substantial Muslim community, but it is becoming more integrated in British society.

No one is surprised that some Muslims marry Christians – they are the majority population – but to the astonishment of many, Muslims and Jews are beginning to marry each other. This is unexpected, as the Israel-Arab problems in the Middle East have affected relationships between members of the two faiths over here.

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90-year-old woman describes brutal rape by Chicago man – Chicago Sun-Times

we cant even call him an animal because animals would never behave like that to their own!


90-year-old woman describes brutal rape by Chicago man – Chicago Sun-Times.

Russia =Hate=Gay’s

From Russia with Hate. I recently read this on a blog and it made me want to write my views which normally i don’t discuss.

I was brought up a Catholic and converted to Islam at the age of 25. This was my own choice. Each religion condemns homosexuality so i lived my life despising gay people. As i got older, maybe in my late 40’s i started to question a lot of things one being homosexuality. Like many other people i always believed being Gay was a deviant choice one made. Its hard to accept when something like this has been ingrained in you from birth, that some people are born this way, that genes can affect the way you respond to the other sex.

There has been a debate about this for many years and sometimes what i read makes sense New Genetic Regions Associated With Male Sexual Orientation Found for one.

A cross-national study in the United States, the Philippines, and Sweden found that those who believed that “homosexuals are born that way” held significantly more positive attitudes toward homosexuality than those who believed that “homosexuals choose to be that way” or “learn to be that way”. I am one of those people because i ask myself why would anyone choose to be gay when there is so much hatred and a lifetime of being on the fringe of society? When i saw the video about “From Russia with hate” it made me angry and sad. Why would anyone want to put themselves in that position through choice.

Former “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon says she is gay by “choice. Now if i was gay this would make me very angry because of all the work gone into educating the world that one is not gay by choice..People like Cynthia are the ones that make us think in a very negative way about homosexuality.

I could go on and on but not see an end to this debate in my lifetime. I am still a Muslim albeit far from perfect  and i dont consider myself any less a believer because of my current views on homosexuality.

I would just like to say that everyone has a right to love and be loved, to live happily in a relationship with someone they care deeply for. What happens in their private sexual life is their business but just like heterosexuals i don’t expect them to flaunt their sexuality in public. I will treat people justly regardless of their sexuality based on their social and behavioural interaction with me and society in general.

A new virus,found in Britain

A new virus, that causes abortions and birth deformities in farm animals, has   been found in Britain for the first time. By , Environment Correspondent for Telegraph,uk

Schmallenberg virus (SBV), which is spread by midges and affects cattle, sheep   and goats, has been formally identified on four sheep farms in Norfolk,   Suffolk and East Sussex.

At the moment farmers are not required to notify the authorities so animals   with the disease may end up in the food chain, however it is not thought to   be harmful to humans.

Farmers are concerned because of the distressing nature of finding animals with dead or deformed young and the possibility the virus may be spread further as the weather warms.

Vets believe the virus was carried over to eastern England via midges from the   northern Europe, where it was first identified last August.

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