How to change your wi-fi router channel

For a couple of months now, my laptop,iPhone and i pad have been struggling to get onto the Internet, then when connected, struggling to find the sites, mostly in the evenings. My Pc upstairs had no problem. I thought it was my Internet service providers fault and was constantly ringing them and they were constantly instructing me on things i must do. Nothing worked!

It seems my providers engineers are a dumb as me!

My son in law told me that it could be something to do with the router not my service provider and that i could download a little programme called inSSIDer which would tell me who else was sharing my channel? I never knew about channels i thought channels were the ones you changed on the tv, all the signals came from the provider :-0 or wherever 🙂

By downloading this i found that 4 of my neighbours were using the same channel 6 as me and they all come back from work at a similar time and must go straight on the Internet….sad people 🙂  That’s great but i still did not know what to do now i found out that information. Like a determined terrier i surfed the net trying to find out how to do it….don’t forget you have to type the right words in google, not things like ‘my wi-fi is slow’ or ‘bloody neighbours are using my bandwidth’  etc like i did. Finally i found a site which explains things well

I am lucky that my son in law was able to do this for me but next time i will know what to do.

log-in to your wireless router by enter the router IP in the browser. There  should be a wireless setting. and from there you can change the channel.    easy peasy 🙂

I hope someone might be as dumb as me and come across this post and it helps them.

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