Gimmie my socks!!

For years i have been having the same problem but this is just getting out of hand

If you have a husband and his underwear goes missing you’d be worried. Or a wife who’s bras went missing you would ask yourself some pretty close to the bone questions. I have 8 odd socks, 8 are missing they belong to both male and female and i was the one who was handeling them They go into the washing basket and then when i am ready they go into the washing machine. Ok……….normal you say but i really need a detective here now!!! when i open the machine door i discover theft……….theft of socks.

Who the thief is i have never been able to find out. Its such a mystery. I spend a fortuneĀ on socks.If any one knows who or what the sock snatcher is or how this occures i would be forever in their debt.

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