Bear steals dustbin from Restaurant’s kitchen

Security cameras at the Edelweiss restaurant in Colorado Springs picked up on an unusual scene on Wednesday evening.

In the footage a bear can be seen reaching up and opening the lid of a waste food bin, having a look inside, then pulling the wheelie container across the concrete car park and out of the view of the cameras.

The owners of the restaurant posted the video of the bear’s raid on Facebook with the comment: “Intruder stealing the dumpster last night. WOW this must be the Mama.”

But this wasn’t the last of the animal that the restaurant saw.

The bear enjoyed its rubbish bin meal so much that it was filmed returning for more the next evening. Again it drags the bin from the car park for its tasty treat.


Dont you just love Pugs.

I apologise to my readers for my absence the past couple of months but I have been busy having a good time abroad. Now back to reality and dealing with everyday things but if I can put my mind to it I have come home with lots to say so hopefully I will be updating my blog more often.


I love all animals but I don’t want to own them. I am particularly fond of cats and I have had 2 and each lived for 14 years. I don’t want any more animals to love and care for. It breaks your heart when they die and I am sure it breaks the animals heart when you die or desert them.

My 35 year old daughter is obsessed with ‘Pugs’ she intends to get one or two pretty soon. She is half way through her Masters in Law (yes I am a proud mother 😉  ) she works full time and has a large bucket list 😦  . I wonder who will look after the dogs when she is so busy?

She posts pictures all the time on facebook about pugs and French bulldogs (which her hubby wants)


What once was to me, an ugly little dog is now becoming adorable, they have such lovable characters and make me smile a lot. Do you think she’s trying to brainwash/induce me to believing I can’t resist these creatures?

As my daughter is planning to move house and come closer to ‘Mother’  I begin to wonder if its because she wants a grandma for puggy  Grandmas take their grandbabies for walks, play with them, feed them etc . Hubby will not have a dog in the house even though we try to convince him its only small, does not malt and is not yappy. He is a placid easy going man by nature but he won’t budge on this so no babysitting dogs while my daughter is at work or on holiday!!

It becomes clearer and clearer why she wants to move near Mum’s don’t you think?

This is very interesting. I look forward to experiencing the new updates and hope they will make me reconsider deleting my account with them.

A Visit to Kurdistan?

My Story

I took in a foster child aged 11,  14 years ago who was an asylum seeker from Kurdistan, Iraq. She was taken from an abusive family here in the UK. She is like our own daughter now MarshAllah!
She visited Erbil 2 years ago but was extremely limited in where she could go so was mostly indoors most of the time. However she really wants to go again with my husband and I as a safe family unit.
I would love to go to the regions around Erbil but i was afraid for so many reasons.

After reading Theopi’s blog i am seriously thinking of making this journey with my foster daughter. I will be looking into it much more and would love if there are any readers who come from or have recently visited this area, to tell me as much as they can.

Theopi's Blog

Listen to my From Our Own Correspondent on BBC World Service by clicking here

As we approach the cable car to take us to the top of Mount Korek, I’m stunned by the beauty that surrounds me. Bright white snow-capped mountains are all around. They glisten in the sunshine and despite the sub-zero temperatures give off a warm glow. And all is peaceful. A sharp contrast, I imagine, to 20 years ago, when gunfire must have echoed among these mountains and blood stained the snow.Me at the top of Mount Korek

But this no longer the battleground of Iraqi Kurds and Saddam Hussein’s regime. Thanks in part to a no-fly zone put in place 21 years ago, during the first Iraq war, and the more recent US-led invasion of 2003, some tranquillity has returned. The fall of the former dictator has given a once-persecuted people the security to rebuild and develop this now semi-autonomous region.


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Gravatar and a link to your blog please.

Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums. They also allow you to leave a link to your blogs/websites,networks etc.

I have many visitors and when i click their gravatar so that i can visit them, there is no link :-/  For everyone who uses a gravitar but does not add the url to their site or blog how can i find you? Do you know how to do this? well here you go…..Go to your |Gravatar—Just click “Edit My Profile” under the “My Account” menu at the top of and then go to the “Verified Services” section..and fill in to your hearts content lol

Check out this page for more info

I would love to know if this has helped you or is it just that you dont want to be found ?

Woman Shot Dead For Shoplifting At Walmart

The Right to bear arms…yeh!! US shoot first ask questions later!!

via Woman Shot Dead For Shoplifting At Walmart.

Dont Hate Turkey! Sarai Sierra, American Tourist, Killed by Blow to Head

Sarai Sierra, American Tourist, Killed by Blow to Head, Turkish Police Say

A New York City woman vacationing alone in Istanbul was killed by at least one fatal blow to her head, Turkish officials said today. The body of Sarai Sierra, 33, was was identified by her husband, Steven Sierra, in a morgue, Istanbul police chief Huseyin Capkin said today. After an intense search that lasted nearly two weeks, the body of Sarai Sierra was found near the ruins of some ancient city walls and a highway on Saturday. Sierra was wearing the same outfit she was seen wearing on…Full Story

I am not going to discuss the whys and wherefores of this poor woman’s death because we don’t really know what happened.

I have to say i am disgusted with a majority of comments i have read around the net. There are people bringing religion, ‘Islam’ into it, talk about how the Muslims hate Americans etc. People who have never been outside their own countries stating how awful, backward and dirty Turkey is. This is mainly coming from Americans and probably the ignorant unenlightened majority whilst the other decent Americans have to take the flak!

People have asked questions which i will give my opinion below.

Comment:What is a married woman doing going alone to Turkey to take pictures.

A:This is 2013 and women don’t need chaperone’s and that includes the majority of Turkish women.

Comment: She had children she shouldn’t have gone off alone.

A: The children have a father too don’t they? A woman does not stop living because she has children if they are in safe loving hands of family. There are reasons families cant always go away together, does that mean a women is always the one to stay behind?

Comment: Americans shouldn’t travel to Muslim countries. They hate us!

A: I wonder why? Look at your foreign policy but it has not been shown that this is a hate crime so there you go ‘Islamophobia’

Comment: So you leave your kids to go off on some trip to a country where you know Muslims live and who will be very upset that you are walking around in jeans without a male escort?  I’m a man and would never go into any Islamic country, at least not without the second U.S. Army.

A:How ridiculous is this commenter? Many women in Istanbul and most parts of Turkey dress in jeans, skirts, tee shirts etc. They just don’t show a lot of flesh.  Turkey receives over 30 million tourists a year and  the vast majority of Turkish people, including men, are honest, kind and decent but i suppose you will find a few like the commentator above !

I travelled alone a lot when i was younger because i am a bit of an adventurer. It was almost impossible for me and hubby to be able to go as a family as there was always an obstruction. My girls had grown up before i started travelling but i wouldn’t have hesitated to travel even when they were small if we could have afforded it.

Bearing in mind that we are Muslims you can see that we are very enlightened and believe in the rights of men and women. Although hubby would be nervous about me travelling alone, he understood the thirst i had for seeing new places and cultures and gave me his blessings. He put my care in Allah and in my good sense.

I have visited Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia  and Pakistan and i must say it opened my eyes and changed the misconceptions i had about so called third world countries. Unless you have been to these places you cant make a judgment by what you hear in the media. I won’t go into that here though.

My most loved place is Turkey where I/we have been going to for 16 years also having a second home there for 12 years .Its a beautiful place with good-natured hospitable people who are very welcoming.

Having mastered the worst pigeon Turkish we are able to communicate and make friends, watch tv and read newspapers. We have also explored non tourist areas in Turkey so i believe i have a right to say that  I understand the people and the culture.

On the whole Turkish people are torn between extremities of old and new but are seriously the most modern of Muslim countries. I have found that, just like anyone in any other country is that if you treat them with respect you get that back.

I do know that the tourist areas are probably the paces with the worst reputation for touting, hard selling and flirting and lone women should be aware and not believe everything they are told by the men. Most people in the tourist areas come from inland Turkey where they can live from hand to mouth so when they see an opportunity to benefit themselves they have no scruples regarding hitching up with a tourist. I have to admit that if i was in their shoes i might do the same.

Crimes against foreigners are not as common as many Americans think. In fact on the whole Turkey’s crime statistics are 10 times better than US. I have bought 3 properties over the years carrying large amounts of money from bank to bank in taxis and peoples cars, i have left my handbag twice in a taxi and in a restaraunt and had them delivered back to my home/hotel. I have been escorted by families late at night making sure that i get home safely. When electricity goes off for hours or even all day, people have sent food or lamps.  If you are a visitor in a home as a guest you will be treated like royalty. If you need help there is always someone willing to help you even go out of their way to do so. I love the way people in Turkey look out for each other. Everything is not perfect nor is it anywhere but i have never felt afraid or alone in Turkey.

I have travelled to many many countries, Muslim and Christian and the people are no different except in the way they look, dress or behave socially. I find that a majority of tourists treat the natives as if they are ignorant or stupid when in fact they themselves are the ones who are! People who don’t travel far from their own culture think that their way is the only way and the rest of the world are wrong.

If you are a woman travelling alone to Turkey or for that matter any country you are as safe as you would be anywhere follow the rules below.

  • Always research the place your going to making sure you stay in a populated reputable area.
  • Learn a bit of the language, it will be appreciated.
  • Let people know of your plans even at your hotel.
  • Be friendly with other women including the natives. You can get advice are even a companion.
  • Walk assertively and confidently.
  • Don’t go out with strangers or even go to any unpopulated area alone .
  • Consider wearing a (fake) wedding ring.
  • Trust your intuition.

Istanbul was the 5th most visited city in 2012

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