Dont you just love Pugs.

I apologise to my readers for my absence the past couple of months but I have been busy having a good time abroad. Now back to reality and dealing with everyday things but if I can put my mind to it I have come home with lots to say so hopefully I will be updating my blog more often.


I love all animals but I don’t want to own them. I am particularly fond of cats and I have had 2 and each lived for 14 years. I don’t want any more animals to love and care for. It breaks your heart when they die and I am sure it breaks the animals heart when you die or desert them.

My 35 year old daughter is obsessed with ‘Pugs’ she intends to get one or two pretty soon. She is half way through her Masters in Law (yes I am a proud mother 😉  ) she works full time and has a large bucket list 😦  . I wonder who will look after the dogs when she is so busy?

She posts pictures all the time on facebook about pugs and French bulldogs (which her hubby wants)


What once was to me, an ugly little dog is now becoming adorable, they have such lovable characters and make me smile a lot. Do you think she’s trying to brainwash/induce me to believing I can’t resist these creatures?

As my daughter is planning to move house and come closer to ‘Mother’  I begin to wonder if its because she wants a grandma for puggy  Grandmas take their grandbabies for walks, play with them, feed them etc . Hubby will not have a dog in the house even though we try to convince him its only small, does not malt and is not yappy. He is a placid easy going man by nature but he won’t budge on this so no babysitting dogs while my daughter is at work or on holiday!!

It becomes clearer and clearer why she wants to move near Mum’s don’t you think?


6 Responses

  1. . . resist!! You’ll never see the end of it – develop an allergy – any allergy – post your obituary!


  2. Our family house is home to several rescue animals and we always say when we lose one that’s it; but they seem to find us. I hope you do enjoy sharing your daughter’s new babies


    • Your right about that, animals of all forms come my way for help but since I lost my cats they are temporary visitors lol
      I value my free time and travelling too much to be tied down now.
      p.s my daughter came to view the house near me but it wasn’t suitable :-/ I don’t know whether to be sad or relieved lol


  3. I used to think the same about Pugs….now I LOVE them! If I didn’t already have 3 MinPin’s I would totally get a Pug 🙂

    I understand you like to travel, it is hard when u have pets, but since I feel pretty tied down by my 3 horses already, I figure might as well have tons of pets! 🙂 LOL


    • Yes… I think I have earned my travels lol. Too many years of fostering kids and animals I feel its my time. Can’t say how I will feel in 5 or 6 years time though. Don’t know what MinPins are but will look it up 🙂 I love horses to bits but have little contact with them. Do you know the name Rosamond means ‘Protector of horses’?


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