A Visit to Kurdistan?

My Story

I took in a foster child aged 11,  14 years ago who was an asylum seeker from Kurdistan, Iraq. She was taken from an abusive family here in the UK. She is like our own daughter now MarshAllah!
She visited Erbil 2 years ago but was extremely limited in where she could go so was mostly indoors most of the time. However she really wants to go again with my husband and I as a safe family unit.
I would love to go to the regions around Erbil but i was afraid for so many reasons.

After reading Theopi’s blog i am seriously thinking of making this journey with my foster daughter. I will be looking into it much more and would love if there are any readers who come from or have recently visited this area, to tell me as much as they can.

Theopi's Blog

Listen to my From Our Own Correspondent on BBC World Service by clicking here

As we approach the cable car to take us to the top of Mount Korek, I’m stunned by the beauty that surrounds me. Bright white snow-capped mountains are all around. They glisten in the sunshine and despite the sub-zero temperatures give off a warm glow. And all is peaceful. A sharp contrast, I imagine, to 20 years ago, when gunfire must have echoed among these mountains and blood stained the snow.Me at the top of Mount Korek

But this no longer the battleground of Iraqi Kurds and Saddam Hussein’s regime. Thanks in part to a no-fly zone put in place 21 years ago, during the first Iraq war, and the more recent US-led invasion of 2003, some tranquillity has returned. The fall of the former dictator has given a once-persecuted people the security to rebuild and develop this now semi-autonomous region.


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2 Responses

  1. What beautiful girls


  2. Thank you 🙂 its the girl (now young woman)at the bottom who is my foster daughter though .


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