Woman Shot Dead For Shoplifting At Walmart

The Right to bear arms…yeh!! US shoot first ask questions later!!

via Woman Shot Dead For Shoplifting At Walmart.


3 Responses

  1. . . there are more guns per head in Canada and Finland than in the US and yet the murder rate from firearms is negligable. US is a sick society in a state founded on descrimination, ethnic cleansing and violence. Its constitution and amendments have been eroded to the point of non-existence by an administration and president who openly boasts of holding weekly kill-list meetings and wages aggressive war – the 1# War Crime. US is THE Rogue State!


    • Well said Alan. No one in their right mind can believe that the level of gun violence, is compatible with a healthy and free society. Include the high level of hopelessly unemployed and disillusioned citizens who lack an outlet to vent their frustrations, the masses of veterans of the wars, who have returned home with undiagnosed or untreated PTS D and the use of prisons as a repository for the mentally ill, with inmates returning to the streets sicker than they were before. Lots of guns, economic despair, deprivation and mental illness — these conditions are a recipe for disaster.


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