For The Love Of Annie

For The Love Of Annie.

Please find the time to read this and if you love animals particularly dogs it will touch your heart. If you can respond by either a donation, reblogging or liking on facebook you would be really helping.

Karen Wren runs a small animal shelter in Didim, Turkey trying to save abandoned and injured street dogs along with feeding up to eighty other hungry mouths on the beach, at the side of the road and in the forest each and every day. Sterling work don’t you think? There are no thank yous for this type of hero, because that’s exactly what she is although I don’t think she would thank me for saying that. Often when they are no funds, she is the one who puts her hands in her pocket to buy that much-needed dog food particularly during the leaner months when the tourists have all gone home.
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2 Responses

  1. On behalf of Annie & Aydin & Karen, thank you – it means a lot


    • No problem, I will certainly spread the story around and even thinking of giving a contribution because I feel do sad at how animals are treated by many Muslims. As a muslim myself I can tell you it is totally against our religion.


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