I have discovered E-Cigs

Its a new year and another resolution has begun. I am giving up the dreaded ‘fag’.

I have been a smoker since I was 16. Up until 15 years ago I was a 20 a day person but I did cut down to 10. Hubby gave up smoking 3 years ago after being hypnotised but I am afraid I was a hopeless case. I even paid to see Paul McKenna in London once but he had no effect on me at all.

Being a smoker today makes you feel as popular as a leper in ancient times. In 25 years, smoking has gone from being a perfectly acceptable, even desirable, habit to a socially unacceptable, demoralizing behaviour. Some addicts…yes, addicts find it fairly easy and some still find it almost impossible to give up.

Before you born again non smokers and the righteous never were smokers get on my back I would like to mention that for the past 20 years I have never smoked indoors or around other people. My clothes, my home and my body don’t smell. I would hate that!!

The worst time for me is when I go abroad especially to Turkey where many of our friends still smoke. In fact a couple smoke like chimneys and its really hard not to join in. I might smoke as many as 20 a day and share out 10 which makes 30 per day, wow!! I am going to shock my friends and show them how good the e.cig is by being a non smoker this May. They don’t believe they will work but if they work for me they have promised to try giving up too.

The main contributing fact of me giving up and feeling quite positive is ‘Cigarettes are very expensive’ ( I am quite ‘canny’ with money) the second and almost equal reason is that I have discovered E-Cigs


Click the link to find out 10 Little-known Facts About E-cigarettes


If you are a smoker and want to give up then give these a go. You get the nicotine which you can wean yourself off, you get the vapour and you get loads of great flavours. I have decided to start a blog on my new favourite subject to share facts, information ,tips  etc that have learnt. Maybe I can save you money by not making the wrong choices that I did before xmas. There are so many types of e-cig on the market as they are becoming much more popular but a lot is trial and error unless you have someone to guide you.

My new blog is here http://ecigarettevapouring.wordpress.com/

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  1. So many people smoke in Turkey so it must be hard not to. I’ve never smoked but my sister does so I wonder how you’re finding the E cigarettes – my Mum wanted to buy her one for Xmas but we didn’t know anybody that had tried them.


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