Windows 8 Upgrade?

I bought the Windows 8 Pro. The “manual” that came with it is a card about 5″ x 5″ with the installation instructions on one side and “Welcome” on the other. Sheesh! That’s a good start!

It’s a great OS for a phone or a tablet but i am still not convinced it is the way to go for PCs. Windows 8 resembles the Windows Phone 7’s software, using tiles that let users swipe through rather than click to navigate. I like the idea of the apps all on the home screen but the tiles are quite boring and large. Half of them I wont even use.  I reckon that in a year or so when the apps store really gets stocked up users will have screens full of apps.


As most of my work is done in word, paint shop pro, coral video etc etc and not just browsing I find myself switching back to the desktop. It’s easier for me to navigate. Oh and by the way windows 8 has no start menu…can you believe it? Even if you revert to desktop screen you will still have to go into your computer settings to search for what you want.

Things to remember when upgrading:

  • Check your computers compatibility
  • You might have to install new driver which you may have to pay for
  • Some of your programmes might not be compatible
  • Many basic programs are missing, including Notepad

I haven’t made my mind up about Windows 8. I found it easy to use once i figured out where everything was but once I got fed up of playing around I thought if I had had to pay the full price for this softwear upgrade I probably would have thought it wasn’t worth it. I have a new desktop so I got the upgrade for £14.99 therefore I am not complaining.

I will keep it on my system until I learn everything I can and then go back to win 7 or wait for the next win 9

If you are a windows 7 user there aren’t that many reasons to upgrade.

Check out the link below for more info

Windows 8? Should I Upgrade?

Windows 8: What Microsoft Isn’t Telling You

via Why Does Everyone Hate Windows 8? Should I Upgrade?.


3 Responses

  1. . . you should check out free Linux OS like Ubuntu and its derivatives – they are superb and all software and upgrades are free. Most of the apps and functions are far superior to Windows. When you consider that it is Linux based software that runs the internet and major platforms like Google you should ask yourself why.


  2. Like so many people i bought all my os’s from microsoft not even considering there were others that might be better. I have looked into linux and it all sounds good…and free 🙂 . I suppose i would have to learn everything again but to me thats a challange i wouldnt mind. I am not that technical and i dont know how hard it would be to install after removing windows 8 but i will certainly consider it.


  3. I was wondering what I was missing out on


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