Halogen Oven, my latest love!Update

Just another gadget?  Will i still need my combination microwave oven and grill?
andrew jamesIt appears that the Halogen oven is going to be a godsend ” A piece of kit that enables you to cook faster without loss of quality, and which saves energy into the bargain”. It may look low-tech, and it’s a fraction of the size of your normal cooker –
but this odd-looking contraption will revolutionise the way you cook, says
Richard Ehrlich

Andrew James 12 LTR Premium Halogen Oven Cooker + Easily Replaceable Spare Bulb + 2 YEAR WARRANTY + 128 page Recipe Book – Complete with Extender Ring (Up to 17 Litres) Lid Holder, Baking Tray, Steamer Tray, Skewers, Low and High Racks. 

Here are a few of the hundreds of reviews i read before buying:

  • It cooks meat beautifully and it’s moist compared to meat cooked in the traditional oven. It’s cheap to run because you use a lower temperature and less cooking time, obviously heating up a big oven to cook a chicken breast or pork chop costs more than to use the halogen. No need to preheat either.
  • I just couldn’t manage without it, I use it almost every day.
  • This little oven cooks fast! I took it to work and made steak and potatoes for all my co-workers in less than 40 min. It’s easily portable, and cleaning.
  • This has been one of the best purchases I have made. Use it daily, saves energy and cooks wonderfully.
  • I have cooked many things in the oven and have not had a single problem.The fact that the oven heats up so quickly make things like warming mince pies (this is the season) or other types of pies and pasties very quick and you still get the crispness which you can’t get from a microwave.
  • Its healthy because you don’t need to use oil and the fat drains off the meat. I Just spray some olive oil if need be.

Wow!!!! Its got everything i need,things can only get better. Have i sold you on this or have you already got one? I would love to hear from you if you have. I have heard that you can adapt most recipes very easily.

I have been waiting for 3 days for delivery and its late coming . Its like waiting for an exciting date and your hopes are dashed every hour it is late 😦 and i am becoming impatient. I have moved my Turkish teapot and my food processor off my work surface and my space is ready so i hope it comes today!!

I will be adding more to this post when i get to use the oven and give my point of view and perhaps some recipes on my other blog Food Glorious Food

DAY 3  of using the oven.

I love it. Its clean minimum smells, beautifully cooked food, quick and i would certainly recommend it. I am glad i have the extender because it helps the air circulate much better and you get an even browning if you are cooking something quite big.i.e a chicken.

I cooked:



4 Responses

  1. would make a nice goldfish bowl if you ever lose interest in it.


  2. Lol!! According to the specs and reviews there is no chance of that 🙂


  3. Been thinking of getting one of these for my Mum for xmas so thank you for sharing


  4. Your welcome 🙂 so far i have cooked a cheese and veg flan, tandoori salmon and veg roast and 6 veggie sausage which turned out realy tasty.crisp on the outside and moist inside. İ think i am really going to like it. İ didnt have the usual strong smells wafting about the house either.


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