Turkey here i come !

Turkey has become my second home and has a very special place in my heart.
I do like the hustle and bustle of the resorts, but i really do enjoy visiting the areas out of the tourist resorts, seeing the real Turkey.
Turkey is such a diverse country,and what the tourists  see isn’t really the ‘real’ Turkey,   its just a small part of a wonderful country that deserves  to be explored & appreciated.

I went out there 15 years ago for a 2 week holiday and came back with the legal documents to an apartment, after 4 months i went back to collect the deeds and that was that!. In 15 years i upgraded my apartment to luxury standard and had intentions of retiring there with hubby.

Unfortunately with many health problems that hubby insisted must be dealt with through our health care systems here in the UK i had to give up my dream. It was like a bereavement. I had planned and designed and had all the  furniture hand made to my own designs (not the sofa though)I didn’t settle for cheap stuff either or rent it out, it was supposed to be our retirement home. I had learnt the language enough to communicate, haggle and have a social life with the locals.  The Turkish are a wonderful nation.  They are very family orientated and love children and have great respect for their elders.  They will welcome you into their homes with open arms and share with you everything they have.   I have also learnt that with many in the tourist areas they are always looking to make some money out of the foreigners but i have become very wise now in how to deal with that lol.

I love the food, i love the fresh fruit ans vegetable which are all home grown. Alanya  is the only place in Turkey where bananas are grown and there is nothing like a banana straight from the tree 🙂

Last year we sold up but i am going back in 2 days time and cant wait to visit friends.I will go back to Antalya of course this time staying in a hotel in the lovely city of Alanya. I will miss getting up and having breakfast on my balcony, inviting friends round for dinner or a party and just having te freedom to do what i want. It wont be the same in a hotel 😦

I am still grateful to have had those 15 years and will never forget the good times and the stressful times of learning, adjusting and communicating. If any of my followers have not been to Turkey they should really give it a chance. they would be surprised to know that it is a very developed country in many aspects, yet again it is still a developing one in some others. The Turks are a very warm and welcoming people who will welcome foreigners and will be delighted to help them.

Another noteworthy point is that Turkey’s government has a tradition of being remarkably secular for a Muslim nation.

see you all in 2 weeks 🙂


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