Post 9/11 travel. What does a Muslim look like?

Slowly-by-slowley (A roadtrip through one Turkish-American marriage)  writes On post 9/11 travel. This is the blog of a very wise, educated young woman who touches a subject that has prompted me to write this post.

I traveled to The US many years ago and really enjoyed the experience. Americans are just like me, they don’t have 2 heads or shoot you on sight. They are friendly, grumpy, rude,polite, ignorant, educated and they are just like anyone else on the planet 😉 However… their politics/policies leave a great deal to be desired, especially after 9/11

I would have loved to take my dear hubby to the Space Center in Houston, Texas. To show him that dear old UK would look like a toy town compared to Miami, Florida or Tennessee, the places i have visited. He would not believe the size of the plates and glasses served  up in fast food joints and even in cafes where you can get 1/2 a litre of coke in a standard glass! I could go on and on about the massive differences i enjoyed experiencing but i just don’t have the time.

Since 9/11 many people we know including non Muslims who are Asian  have had terrible experiences after arriving at airports in the US. An Indian female (Hindu) co worker of my hubby was held for 1 hour in solitary before being strip searched. She was quite traumatised and in tears all of the time. Her holiday to visit relatives was ruined. A Sikh…for goodness sake, wearing a turban had a similar experience. He was made to remove his turban which you may or may not know is an article of faith that has been made mandatory by the founders of Sikhism. It is not to be regarded as mere cultural paraphernalia. Its an insult to make someone take it off.

Strip searching is taking place even with US citizens and that’s bad enough but the treatment is even worse for people who look Asian or Middle Eastern

Now i know you might say the US have to protect themselves from terrorism but its become mass paranoia hyped by the media and politics to their own agenda. I would like people to reflect on who are actually the ‘Terrorists’ Come on Americans is this really how you want the world to see you? Is this how you want to be treated?

Unfortunately hubby refuses to be put through the process of detainment,strip search and humiliation. I know for a fact that if we did go together i would suffer the same humiliation as him.

This had deprived America of the pleasure of meeting me :-0


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  1. I’m here at home in Turkey whilst J is visiting our family in US – my card was marked a couple of visits ago when I interveened over the appalling treatment of a Turkish lady on our flight. Just not prepared to accept arrogant, plastic Nazis at the points of entry. People are great! Shame they are now living in a totalitarian state.


    • I am so sorry your card was marked and i hope you will soon be able to visit your family. I do admire you for standing up for whats right. 🙂


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