Is someone Stealing your work?

Do you think its ok to steal content from the Internet? Do you think anything out there is free for the taking because no one is going to do anything about your theft? I suppose in some cases it might be ok if its public information or you ask the site/blogger if you can share.

After a lot of surfing recently to research vegetarian/halal/kosher products and replacements for gelatin and flavourings i came across so many sites that have complete paragraphs of the same information, word for word. I see recipes with pictures stolen from other people blatantly suggesting they are the product of the site/blog owner.

I do believe that certain information like ingredients for chocolate eclairs/victoria sponge etc are basically the same but please put your own picture up when you have actually made the eclairs, don’t fill your blog with other people work without putting your own effort in there.

I have found my post ‘Gimmie my socks’ posted on a couple of sites and on the one hand its nice to know that someone liked it enough to want to share but words don’t come flowing from me that easily. When i post something its usually something that has been on my mind and i need to write it down.

These days there are so many sharing buttons that you can still share content that you find interesting rather than put it all on your blog.

If i use anything from someone and i cant give reference or a pingback i will always say so and give a linkback to that page. I am not perfect and i will adnit i have used the odd picture sent to me in an email because i see them everywhere and feel they are free to use. You will find conversion charts an my food blog that i took from another food site because these things are freely available in any cookbook or instruction manual. Having said that i will still take it to word and make my own tables etc

I just want to say to people who use other peoples work to think ‘do unto others as you would have done to you’. Maybe you lack the skill to create you own posts but we all started somewhere. A lot of eople dont alwayst want to see hugely popular blogs many want to feel part of someone/some blog that is small and personal. Maybe that blog could be yours. Its not all about being popular its about being ‘you’ so you dont need other people work.

I read the following on a blog

which i would like to share with everyone and i have to say some of the stuff there makes sense so take a look.


2 Responses

  1. . . it’s not surprising with, for example, making it easy to re-blog with the click of a button. We should give credit where it is due when we use stuff from other sources – and try not to get stressed when others don’t.


    • Thats true but reblogging is ok, we know about that when we join wordpress. It’s when people cut and paste whole sections and call it their own. I dont get stressed but i still dont like it.


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