Too many gadgets in my kitchen.

I am usually quite an organised person and i don’t like clutter but when it comes to anything in the kitchen i always seem to find a place to put food and gadgets.

I had a very large chest freezer whilst i was bringing up my family and fostering teenagers. I needed the room for the big family shop and bulk cooking. I love feeding people and i have always been adventurous in my cooking. My foster kids just loved me for my food i think.

Anyway when my kids left and i gave up fostering i downsized to a smaller freezer but as there is just two of us now its still too big. It just encourages me to keep filling it up 😦  I am afraid to ask hubby once again for a new smaller freezer as the present one was quite expensive. I buy things i think i want at the time and a year or two down the line its not what i want.

I bought a mini doughnut make just to practice a different kind of doughnut, doughnut pans and rings for another kind of doughnut and i don’t even eat them! I bought a new food processor ,a new fancy hand blender and then decided they were not big enough to do large amounts of food so bought a ken wood chef. Like i said there is only two of us in the house and how many times i will use then goodness knows. I bought an actifry and used it 3 times and ended up giving it to my daughter. I gave my george forman large grill away as i thought it was too big and then i decided to buy another when we changed to low fat cooking. I decided to try making my own icecream so i bought an ice-cream maker which i later decided i did not want, after all said an done i dont really eat ice cream, i used to give it away. This is all within the last 3 years. I always seem to need a new gadget for a new challange and one of these days hubby will put his foot down and say ‘No more’.

I have to cut this post short because i am off to the supermarket. I have just realised that i need some new utensils for my new cake decorating hobby and while i am there i might just need something else.


2 Responses

  1. this looks and reads like promo page in an old copy of ‘Women’s Weekly’! Is this obsessive-compulsive behaviour?


    • Lol…no i am not OCD. I just love cooking and love the gadjets that make things easier. I also like challanges so when i complete one project i am onto another. You need different tools for different projects 🙂


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