Forever Young Culture

Today we live in a culture where women are obsessed with their looks and for the majority of women, and of course some men, their looks are their first priority above health. They do everything in their power to stop the ageing process.They strive for what today’s society/media call perfection but who decides what or who is perfect?

Women spend billions of £’s on beauty products that they are told will defy the ageing process. They spend a fortune on cosmetic surgery on parts that they think are imperfect. The point is they don’t want to accept the inevitable. They dsire ‘youth’.

American culture is first in the line and now proclaim that looking good equals looking young (Bayer, 2004). Both men and women reported that cosmetic procedures were used to enhance work and professional outlooks and to increase physical attractiveness to improve romantic, friend, and social opportunities (Bayer, 2004). How superficial!!

In the UK a new survey of our spending habits has discovered that fear of ageing is no longer confined to the 35-49 year olds. Even twenty olds are worrying about ageing. What a burden we are laying on them  😦  .A survey  from the group Datamonitor,  discovered that British people spend far more than their European counterparts on trying to hold back the years.

We are living in a size zero society that is destroying a lot of our young people’s self worth and self esteem for the sake of magazines and other media where the camera exaggerates size and the TV makes a size 12 look like size16.

Get a grip people and open your eyes to how you are being manipulated for purely financial reasons of the capitalist.

I don’t like getting old but not from the angle of physical beauty. I fear it from the angle of physical function. I want my older years to be of good quality and full of activity. One never actually categorizes them-self as “old, or elderly”. I don’t, I am ageless so i don’t want to judged on my wrinkles or sagging flesh. I still have a lot to offer so don’t demean me or my counterparts.

Now i am not saying you shouldn’t look after your skin, control your weight or take good care of your appearance and get some exercise but i would like to say “chill out, allow and accept you WILL grow old” and enjoy it. Take time to be more patient and less judgmental about older people. Value their wisdom and memories, which you can only learn by.

Once the elderly were valued,cared for and respected they are now abused both verbally and physically whether it is in the home, nursing home or on the streets.

I feel sad for humanity when i see the world today


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  1. I am not a size zero and not obsessed with looking young, just looking better! Feeling better, too. Not worried about agging with beauty, just my dignity will do.


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