Foul Language

Is it an age thing? I cant stand bad language and disassociate myself from people who use it because it makes me cringe. I think that it’s not only a sign of ignorance, it’s also a sign of showing off.  If someone starts swearing during a conversation, I’ve already lost a lot of respect for them.  If someone occasionally says something out of frustration, I’m a tiny bit more tolerant to that, but I dont  tolerate useless swearinggenerally.

I would just say that who swear are not able to articulate their opinion or emotion very clearly if they have to use foul language or swearing.

We hear bad language from the media,from celebreties and mostly from the TV. A recent survey showed that 90% of parents in the USA use bad language in presence of their children, something that is quite shameful. Here in the UK its estimated at 65% and even thats bad enough. How on earth can we teach our kids that foul language is not acceptable when they hear it day in and day out

There are many psychologists and modern thinkerts who will give different excuses for the use of foul language, i think they are just trying to fit into what they call the “new age.”.

Jsut to add a little extra i found about tv in the uk while surfing.

“As someone from the Left, I am not expected to object to the spread of bad language and other squalid habits infecting our society. There are many of us today on the Left who can see that something precious, possibly unrecoverable, is being destroyed and that we have a responsibility to try to stop this dissolution.

The corruption of language in public culture is just one aspect of the general coarsening of life which is taking us down into the pits.  Television, in particular, has now reached such depths it is hard to imagine where it can go next.  If, as I did recently, you try to debate this genuine anxiety, felt by millions, with the highly placed men and women who are responsible for British TV, they will not engage except with majestic disdain and superciliousness.  Or they react with fearful paranoia as if we wanted to shut down the whole business and force the nation into bible-reading every evening.

It is time, I believe, to take an honest look at all television output.  Never in our history have British children had such relentless, often third rate, shrill and brainless television programming that they are offered today.   It was Aristotle who said that law makers should be extremely careful about indecent language ‘for the light utterance of shameful words leads soon the shameful actions’.  Maybe if we had been more vigilant with the words, much of the depressing coarsening of life could have been avoided.Daily Mail 17/7/2003

If you are interested you can find more here

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