A weighty problem

I woke up this morning,as usual thinking about what i was going to eat today and how i would use my 29 weight watcher pro points. As i am going to a party it means very little through the day and a simple salad with a bit of protein tonight if i also want a few alcohol free cocktails 😦 Although i have stuck to my plan for 10 months with a month break and have lost almost 2
the weight is just so slow to come off.

I was thinking, why does it take years to put on a few stone and a few months to put it back on.? When i was eating whatever i wanted without thought it took 15 years to put on 3 stone. Over Christmas (5 days) i put on 5lbs, that’s a lb a day. In 42 days i would have put on 3 stone. Ok i don’t eat chocolates and cake etc everyday so lets say it will take me 6 months to put on 3 stone eating how i used to before weight watchers.

To summarize this It takes 15 years to gain 3 stone eating what i want and 6 months to put on 3 stone after following weight watchers programme ??

I wish someone would explain this to me.


2 Responses

  1. Hello my friend well i agree with all you put and wish i had the answers but i have not,, Well Done on what you have lost though xxxx Will be back to have a good check on here xxxx Chris x


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