Gimmie my socks!!

For years i have been having the same problem but this is just getting out of hand

If you have a husband and his underwear goes missing you’d be worried. Or a wife who’s bras went missing you would ask yourself some pretty close to the bone questions. I have 8 odd socks, 8 are missing they belong to both male and female and i was the one who was handeling them They go into the washing basket and then when i am ready they go into the washing machine. Ok……….normal you say but i really need a detective here now!!! when i open the machine door i discover theft……….theft of socks.

Who the thief is i have never been able to find out. Its such a mystery. I spend a fortuneĀ on socks.If any one knows who or what the sock snatcher is or how this occures i would be forever in their debt.


2 Responses

  1. I have about a dozen odd socks now! I really don’t know where they go. Another thing I hate about socks is trying to match different Shakeel’s socks are all black and bought at different times. When I wash socks and they accumulate in the wahing basket, I play a nice little game called ‘Match the Sock’. You need to concentrate when matching shades because different socks shrink to different sizes and have different ribs. So. you are not just matching shades, but length and ribs! Good job I have a degree.


  2. I think the best thing to do is buy everyone the same colour socks in bulk until someone comes up with an answer to this mystery.


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