A slice of Syrian cake, please.

the halal plug

Birmingham, for all of its quirks and charming little coffee shops scattered around Temple Row/Colmore Row/St Paul’s Square, had been missing something with a little more depth, a little more character, and (most importantly for me), a decent halal sandwich. Whilst some of the more seasoned Birmingham readers may argue that those *more Muslim friendly* places can be found in the areas of Sparkhill and Small Heath, I’d really rather not have a large side order of male-dominated environment and greasy tables with my sweetly brewed tea, thank you very much.

This is where Damascena stepped in, and more than filled its space. In fact, it’s gained so much popularity, not only did it win “Moseley In Bloom Most Captivating Cafe 2014”, it is also opening its second branch in the city centre (yay for those who cannot be bothered to drive/take the bus to Moseley) in early 2017. I…

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Al Najar Hospital in Rafah evacuated as Israeli genocidal rampage continues

It breaks my heart, I am so angry at the world, I have lost my faith and see ‘A New World Order’ developing. I curse the USA government , the Egyptions and Saudi governments and all the others including the Uk who have sold their souls to the devil.

Today In Gaza

Press Release
Gaza Ministry of Health, Palestine
August 01, 2014

rafah (400 x 266)

The Ministry of Health Gaza announces the closure of Al Najjar Hospital in Rafah, due to Israeli bombardments in the vicinity compromising its ability to guarantee the safety of patients and staff.

The hospital has now been evacuated, bringing to four the number of government hospitals closed by Israeli attacks in the past three and a half weeks.

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#GazaUnderAttack | Soldiers leaked information about targeting Gaza’s civilians

#Gaza under Attack !! Zionist devils.

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

July 29, 2014

Eran Efrati 2014-07-29 at 03.06.11 AM

Follow the genocide in Gaza - In Photos and Video Click here to watch the genocide in Gaza – Day by Day -In Photos and Video

Is Resisting Genocide a Human Right?

81 Notre Dame Law Review1275(2006). Conducting an in-depth study of the genocide in Darfur, Sudan, and also discussing other genocides, this article details the inadequacy of many of the international community’s response to genocides, such as “targeted sanctions” or international peacekeeping forces. Examining international legal authorities such as the Genocide Convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Court of Justice, the article demonstrates that groups which are being subjected to genocide have a legal right of self-defense. International treaties, Security Council arms embargoes, or national gun control laws cannot lawfully be enforced in…

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Ignorance breeds fear. Fear breeds hate. Hate breeds violence. Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace

A very good article thank you Joe Cortina


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Coca-Cola apologizes to Alberta family for ‘YOU RETARD’ bottle cap

Can you believe it? Its just one more reason we should boycott Coca Cola.

Turkey Shooting: Catherine Bury ‘Killed by Gardener’ in Dalyan Holiday Resort – IBTimes UK

Turkey Shooting: Catherine Bury ‘Killed by Gardener’ in Dalyan Holiday Resort – IBTimes UK.

Now all the ignorant, racist bigots will come out of the woodwork. Read the comments in The Huffington Post…atrocious! So many uneducated imbeciles  you can just predict the reactions!!

Bear steals dustbin from Restaurant’s kitchen

Security cameras at the Edelweiss restaurant in Colorado Springs picked up on an unusual scene on Wednesday evening.

In the footage a bear can be seen reaching up and opening the lid of a waste food bin, having a look inside, then pulling the wheelie container across the concrete car park and out of the view of the cameras.

The owners of the restaurant posted the video of the bear’s raid on Facebook with the comment: “Intruder stealing the dumpster last night. WOW this must be the Mama.”

But this wasn’t the last of the animal that the restaurant saw.

The bear enjoyed its rubbish bin meal so much that it was filmed returning for more the next evening. Again it drags the bin from the car park for its tasty treat.

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